Written by James A Conan

Published by Annick Press, September 2019

​Digital illustrations.

"Big or small, apartment or house, they're all home.

Come inside one boy's high-rise apartment complex, where his backyard is the space between his neighboring apartment buildings, and his basketball net is tucked into a bedroom. His parents sometimes complain their home is too small, but the boy's balcony view of the city and the extended play space of the hallways are a few ways that make the boy's house feel just the right size.

Our Big Little Place is a charming child's-eye-view tribute to the power of imaginative play and the diversity of the living spaces we call home."

Praise for Our Big Little Place :

"Our Big Little Place is a great exploration of what home and community are in the eyes of a small child growing up in a big city."

- CM: Canadian Review of Materials.

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