My name is Nicolle. I am an illustrator who works and lives in the city of Toronto, in Canada. I graduated with a Bachelor of Design, specializing in Illustration from OCADU.

My inspirations to create include 19th century folk art, 1980's anime, midcentury children's books and Art Deco era magazines - and I love all things retro and kitsch.

In my off time I enjoy reading, vegan cooking, spooky stories and exploring the outdoors. I live with my engineering boyfriend and my beloved robot vacuum.

My first published picture book "Our Big Little Place", written by James A Conan and published by Annick Press, hit the shelves in 2019. C

Clients include Hobbry x Indigo, Modern Dog Magazine, Trevell Puzzles, Variety Village, Lake Coloring & more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What do you use to make your illustrations?

A: I primarily use a combination of Procreate & Adobe Photoshop; I use the Bardot Brush and Pencil sets on Procreate, and the Kyle Webster brush sets on Photoshop.

Q: How long does it take you to finish an illustration?

A: This varies greatly! It can take me anywhere from about an hour for small work up to a few days for complicated and high detail pieces.

Q: Do you take commissions?

A: Please email me to make any inquiries about commissions - it is largely dependent on my current workload, but yes, I do take commissions when I am available! Please note - I will not illustrate NSFW art and I am cognizant of copyright restrictions on licensed work.

Q: Can I license your work for my company / brand?

A: Sure! Please email me with the artwork you are interested in licensing. Some work is already under license or contains material that requires personality right clearance.

Q: I'm writing a children's book! Will you illustrate it?

A: I'm interested in picture book work - please note that at the moment I'm not accepting speculative work as I can't assess if I'd be a good fit without at least a first draft.

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